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Hi everyone

Its David Groves CEO & owner of Adventure South America Motorcycling Ltd.


To bikers all over the World!! In 2024, we were back on our South America bike tours and we have plenty of exciting tours coming soon in 2025.

We are fast approaching our 25th year of travelling to Peru and getting to know this incredible, vibrant country. In 2016, we started to organise tours to Ecuador & Colombia & then in 2017 tours to Chile & Bolivia. We formed Adventure South America Motorcycling Ltd in June 2017 & that will be from now our corporate name to reflect the different countries in South America that we run tours.

We also are considering future bike tours in Brazil & Argentina once we get back into our normal routine. Many of our clients who due to the pandemic are coming back in 2022 & 2023 & have rebooked but we still have rider spaces for our July 2022 /3 week Southern Peru tour & our 2 & 3 week Northern Peru High Andes. Amazonas tours & also our new Eco tour to remote areas of the Northern Highlands of Peru also in September & October 2022 & May 2023.

*Spencer Conway has said he would like to join one of the tours this year, he stayed at our base on his circum -navigation by motorbike of South America & his new book on that is out shortly and features our tour company up in Cajamarca Northern Peru.


We hope to see you at bike shows this year any questions just email me David Groves on


Safe Biking.







David Groves
UK Business Director

David heads up the UK department and arranges the schedules and bookings, liaising closely with our office in Cajamarca. He also makes some of the trips being a keen motorcyclist and has a 500cc Honda VT Twin out in Peru which he gets to take out whenever he visits.

David has over 35 years in business administration in the UK and which includes 18 years in Peru and is fluent in Spanish. David also attends and runs all of our presentations and bike shows all over Europe.

Franco Brito

Senior Tour Guide / Head Mechanic

Franco, who has been working with us for over sixteen years works as our head tour guide. Franco is a qualified electrical engineer but also a useful mechanic and loves to travel and motorcycling in general. A resourceful, versatile rider and guide, Franco is a popular team member, previously a Peru National cycling champion two years running. Peru's answer to Bradley Wiggins!

When not on tour, Franco rides a Suzuki GSXR and when time permits, Franco enjoyes building log cabin projects near the town of Celendin in the Northern Mountains.



Jorge Sanchez

Senior Tour Guide / Mechanic & Back up Driver

Jorge has been working with our team for five years and continues to be a great asset to the tour team tour. Jorge is a dairy farmer from Celendin and owns a restaurant in the town. He is a knowledgeable rider and driver, as his family business is in the transport industry from Celendin to Lima. 





James Groves

Senior Tour Guide / Back up Driver

James has accompanied his father David on a number of tours, so is knowledgable on the variety of tours and routes the company has to offer. He really enjoys the South American culture and landscape.


James is an experienced driver and helps to drive the back up vehicle during the tours.

Johanssen Guevara 

Bio coming soon.




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