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7 Great Reasons to visit Peru

1. Easy Travel

A thrice-weekly British Airways service from Gatwick to Lima launched in May, bringing this South American nation a bit closer to home. The airline's decision to reopen the route, which had been closed since 1982, is helping to put Peru back on the map.

2. The Wonder of Machu Picchu

Topping many a bucket list, the ancient city of Machu Picchu is the most visited tourist attraction in South America and can be reached via hiking trails or a lofty railway line. The Telegraph quoted it was one of the most “enchanting and engaging sites on the planet”.

4. Amazing Places

Other Peruvian ruins include Kuelap - the "Machu Picchu of the north", on a clifftop surrounded by cloud forest; Chavín de Huantar - which pre-dates the Incas and features narrow tunnels and impressive engravings; and the adobe city of Chan Chan.

5. Amazon abounds

Peru has no fewer than three Amazon regions: the riverine national parks and reserves around Iquitos; the Chachapoyas-Gocta-Kuelap circuit, with its mummy museums, ruins and lofty waterfall; and the Tambopata reserve, where boat trips are increasingly popular. The last is well connected by air to Cuzco and Lima and is the region where most new lodges seem to be opening.

6. Cultural Cuzco

Cuzco is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the America’s and it retains many tangible links with its pre-Columbian past, such as the ruins of Coricancha, an Inca temple demolished by the Spanish in 1533. Much of the centre is pedestrianised making it easy to drift around and get acclimatised, dropping into churches, art galleries, and former palaces and convents now turned into hotels.

7. Stunning Beaches

The chilly peaks of the Andes seem like a long way away from the scorching beaches of Peru’s northwest. Feted for its tropical climate and fine golden shores, the district of Piura is probably the top spot for beach bums, who flock to resorts like Mancora, where rolling surf, crystalline waters and powdery sands keep visitors for longer than they planned. The district of Piura is probably the top spot for beachlife, so head to resorts like Mancora, where rolling surf, crystal waters and golden sands keep visitors come back time after time.

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